Focus Groups for Technology-Based Companies

Focus Groups for Technology-Based Companies

Congratulations! You’ve taken a crazy idea and turned it into a useful product. The entire world will benefit from it, and you will be lauded as the next best person in technology since Steve Jobs.

However, you’ve been advised to have a focus group prior to launching this 8th World Wonder. After all, you do want to get some preliminary feedback regarding how your target market would actually react (there’s only so much that speculation alone can predict). Market research is king, and technology based companies get to reap several benefits from conducting them.

  1. They help you narrow down your target market: Your grandmother is not going to be as excited about a new photo sharing app as your 22-year-old niece. However, some tech gadgets do translate well across generations. The only way to have a good understanding of how different demographics will react to your product is to have people of the desired age, education level, income bracket, and gender be participants in a focus group.
  2. Digital focus groups eliminate geographical barriers: It’s 2018. You no longer have to sit several people in the same room to discuss your product. By moderating digital focus groups, you can get people from all over the city (or the state, or the country, or the world!) together to discuss a potential app or tech device. Would the new features make their lives easier? Would a modification make the product more appealing? You can get creative with this by creating a social media private group and interacting with them with a webcam; or you could use software specifically designed for this purpose.
  3. Incorporate Mixed Reality: One of the best ways to be memorable is to use innovative technology to get people excited about your product. Mixed Reality allows potential consumers to feel like they’re experiencing your tech device in real time, before actually buying it. A simple headset using mixed reality will make the gadget look as real as if your focus group had the product right in front of them.

The best way to collect reliable data is straight from the horse’s mouth.  The competition in the tech market is stiff, so you really have to go the extra mile to make sure you’re providing a product that will actually pique people’s interest. In order to maximize the exercise, have a preset list of focus questions that you can use to help guide discussion. If you don’t have the time or expertise to get it done, contact us. Let Marketing Matters help you.


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