Florida Funders Completes Investment in 2ULaundry

Florida Funders Completes Investment in 2ULaundry

Tampa, Fla. – August 29, 2019 – Florida Funders, a venture capital fund and crowd-funding platform providing early-stage capital to Florida companies, today announces a $1.27 million dollar investment in 2ULaundry, a valet pick-up and delivery service for laundry and dry cleaning with a one-day turnaround. Florida Funders investment includes $500,000 from the Florida Funders Fund and $770,000 from the accredited investor network. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, 2ULaundry is set to expand in Florida following Florida Funders investment and the current, favorable market conditions that Florida provides.

“2ULaundry offers New York-style scheduled pick-up and delivery services to the rest of the country and allows people to own a washer and dryer or go to the laundry mat,” said Tom Wallace, Managing Partner for Florida Funders.

2ULaundry revolutionizes traditional laundry and dry-cleaning services by creating a web-based platform to schedule pick-ups, track services and manage deliveries. Customers can manage their cleaning preferences, select bags, and create designated pick-up locations, whether they’re one-time or recurring, through the online portal or mobile applications. On the morning of pickup, customers can simply leave their bags in their designated location and a 2ULaundry driver will pick up the bag. Items are cleaned in one business day and the 2ULaundry will return the items, either hung or folded, at the designated drop off locations. Plus, 2ULaundry operates its own cleaning facilities that are environmentally responsible with a recyclable hanger program, hypoallergenic detergent, and biodegradable reusable bags.

“This is a massive inflection point for 2ULaundry and our team, as well as incredibly exciting for the startup ecosystem across the southeast and Florida,” said Alexander Smereczniak, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer for 2ULaundry. “The south has not been regarded as one of the startup meccas of the country, especially when it comes to B2C businesses. For a tech-enabled laundry business to have raised a $6M series A, led by a Florida-based fund, it is a testament that these markets increasingly want to see more companies like ours built here and relocated here.”

Founded by Dan D’Aquisto and Alexander Smereczniak, 2ULaundry’s mission is to eliminate the time spent on one of the world’s most mundane household chores and provide the opportunity for customers to spend more time doing what they enjoy. An idea that initially started as a student project for D’Aquisto, Smereczniak and Lamb at Wake Forest University has emerged into a business serving Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia, with additional locations to be announced soon. 

For more information on Florida Funders, please visit www.floridafunders.com. Keep up with the latest news from Florida Funders on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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About Florida Funders, LLC: Florida Funders is a hybrid of a venture capital fund and crowd-funding platform that invests in early-stage technology companies in Florida. The firm is led by an experienced team of serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and experienced angel investors with proven track record of successful exits and a shared passion for growing the next generation of Florida tech companies. Learn more at www.floridafunders.com and check out our explainer video on YouTube.

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