Five Tips for Keeping Your Website Updated

Five Tips for Keeping Your Website Updated

We consider a website to be like a garden – if left unattended weeds will eventually pop up. There are many reasons to keep your website updated…

  • Search Engines rank websites higher based on the level of consistent updating
  • Frequently updating can prevent misinformation to potential/current clients
  • Broken links can convey a negative perception of your brand
  • Refreshed content can remain relevant to returning visitors
  • Building your brand is all about building relationships, and valuable website content shows that you care

…And there are many more. Understandably, though, today’s business model requires less resources to do more, so finding time and resources to keep up with your website is likely becoming increasingly harder. Therefore, here’s five tips to consider in keeping your website updated.

  1. Consider a Content Management System – Website technology has grown so much over the past few years that current technology has made it relatively easy for a novice to keep their website updated. If you can work a Word Document, you can likely do most of the common updating of a website built in WordPress, for example. We build 99% of all our websites in a CMS, for the main reason that we want you coming to us for the hard stuff; so you don’t have to be tied to a programmer or held hostage for relatively simple updates.
  2. Consider your website in your business goals – Most businesses revise their goals on an annual or semi-annual basis. If you don’t already, we recommend that you start. And as you go through that process, be sure to revise your website goals to assist in those endeavors. If your intent is to increase customer engagement, incorporate a Live Chat feature, for example.
  3. Consistent updating prevents hacks – I personally have never understood why the prevalence of virus attacks are so common, but they are. It’s a big, bad world out there and virus/malware attacks are largely automated these days, meaning any chink in the armor will eventually be found. Look into ways to consistently check in and make sure your website is up to date.
  4. In keeping your content fresh and giving the search engines more ‘findable’ content, a blog has no equal. Blogs don’t need to be long-winded, just a few paragraphs will do. By consistently adding content to your website, over time you can build up a treasure trove of great content. News pages or even adding case studies to your site can have the same effect.
  5. Update your Search Engine Optimization – SEO is not a one and done sort of activity. Testing new keywords, consistent research and… well, optimization, is really important. Good SEO can be a very complex formula, but most can understand the basics of SEO. Dealing with websites every day, I know that even a little work on your part will likely put you ahead of your competition.

Your website is just like most aspects of your business, a resource that requires care and some of your attention. If you take care of your website, it’ll take care of you, and make reaching your business goals easier.

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