Everything You Need to Know About Domain Authority

Everything You Need to Know About Domain Authority

Domain authority, created by Moz, has been around for a few years and it is gaining more and more traction as search engine optimization (SEO) becomes more competitive and fierce. While domain authority (DA) and SEO are similar, it’s important to note the differences.

What Is Domain Authority?

In the simplest terms, DA is a computer-calculated score that is meant to summarize your domain’s (https://website.xxx) comparative authority. How trustworthy is your site’s content? Is it good enough for other trustworthy companies and websites to post on their own websites for their customers and clients?

What Domain Authority is NOT:

DA is not an SEO tactic. Domain authority is meant to be a tool that helps brands evaluate their standing compared to their competitors. If your competitors are ranked higher than you in brand authority, it’s very likely that the customer pool you all share will be more drawn to their content over yours.

A Word of Caution: Don’t Over-Analyze This

According to the developers of DA, it’s important to take into consideration all of the statistics about your domain. This metric was developed as an insight into how other websites are using your links and how the awareness of your brand is spreading – and in what light. If your DA score is low right now, there’s no reason you can’t improve it over time or that it should keep you up at night. After all, domain authority doesn’t create success – it’s only an indicator of how successful your business might be right now.

How to Improve Domain Authority

Domain authority is part of much larger search engine optimization and online marketing concepts. It stands to reason, then, that you will find that some of the tips for these strategies overlap.

Tip #1: Develop Quality Articles

The development of high-quality copywriting will always be applicable to every industry – not just businesses in the AV industry. Unfortunately, this need is often underestimated and delegated to individuals who aren’t familiar with this type of writing. When your business or marketing agency develops content for your blog, there should be a clear target audience in mind. This will help you select the right keywords that will encourage other industry leaders to share and list your content on their own websites – this is a backlink!

It may feel sometimes that content creation is a passive tactic… because it can be. However, the ways in which you leverage your content can go a long way to increasing your domain authority. Post your content to any platform you can think of – just make sure that duplicate content isn’t on any pages that search engines will follow. For example, it’s okay to duplicate your website’s blog posts as articles on LinkedIn; these pages are “noindex” as far as SEO is concerned.

On the other hand, LinkedIn posts are also tagged “nofollow” for backlink purposes. In order to increase your DA, you’ll need to look elsewhere!

Tip #2: Ask for Backlinks

There’s an additional piece to this strategy that is much more active, but you’re going to have to put your business out there. AV industry leaders like CE Pro, Commercial Integrator, and S&VC are always posting content that potential buyers and clients will be looking at. Your best bet, as an AV business, is to get some of your high-quality content (think blogs, case studies, whitepapers) posted in these locations with backlinks.

Tip #3: But… Avoid Spammy Backlinks

In all honesty, there’s sometimes very little you can do to prevent this. After all, anyone with a website can post anything. Most often, it’ll be obvious which sites will be providing spammy links. Blog comments are seen as spammy, and any site that is asking for payments in exchange for guaranteed backlinks is selling snake oil. It’s a fine line to tread, but don’t resort to spammy sources of backlinks – they won’t do your business any favors.

Marketing Strategies for AV Manufacturers

Domain authority should be a small part of your AV business’s much larger marketing strategy. Focus your efforts, as a business owner, on developing quality content that resonates with the right people (your target audience) and getting it out on the web for them to see it. Great content will naturally receive more backlinks. Don’t forget: working with an experienced marketing agency can make a huge difference – we have all the right connections 😉

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