Customer Service Trends That Will Drive the AV Industry In 2021

Customer Service Trends That Will Drive the AV Industry In 2021

This past year has taught us all some hard lessons and driven new innovations; businesses have both failed in this post-pandemic reality, while others have excelled in the face of adversity. Some AV businesses made only minor changes to stay relevant, while others had to change their entire business models – often laying new foundations from the ground up.

Recent studies have shown that since the onset of the pandemic, about 59% of consumers care far more about customer support than they did before. If clients are spending money, they want to know that the company they support will support them in return. This is a double-edged sword; in a single interaction, you can now make or break your bond with a customer. As we continue into 2021, it’s important to keep these trends in mind.

Trends to Plan for This Year in the AV Industry

2021 is well underway, and this means that consumer interests are becoming more predictable. As with any fiscal year, businesses are encouraged to gauge the customer base for ways to present a more relevant face. The more relevant your AV business is, the better you will connect with your clients.

Social Media Will Be Big

We shouldn’t have to tell you that you aren’t the only service provider vying for your client’s interest. Consumers have many providers to choose from, and your AV business needs the customer as much as the customer needs your service. Focus on finding your niche, target those clients, and give them exactly what they want.

The past few years have seen a massive explosion in the use of social media (SM) for client-company interactions. If you don’t have an SM team in your customer support department, it’s time to up your game. SM serves as one of the many customer care channels, and customers generally prefer it over other platforms (phone or email). By planning for and hiring an SM support team, you will ensure good rapport amongst your customers; this will place you a step ahead of your competitors.

Service Partners Are Part of Your Business, Too

If you run a large company, customer support likely doesn’t stop with your main support team. If you’re like most medium-sized or large businesses, you’ve probably taken many different divisions and small companies under your wing. Unfortunately, this opens you up to the possibility of service level discrepancies. Take a look at your customer satisfaction ratings for each of your products and services. If there is a significant gap, you owe it to your customers to ask why.

While selecting a service partner, keep in mind that this decision will have a long-term effect on your business. Partners help bring in and maintain your customer base. To this end, ensure that your service partner has sufficient information and foundational data to support customers and provide services. If you fail to do this, you are doing your customers a disservice; develop a support system that thoroughly helps your client. In turn, you will see higher customer satisfaction levels.

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