Clare Controls Now Shipping ClareVision: Intelligent IP Video Surveillance Solution

Clare Controls Now Shipping ClareVision: Intelligent IP Video Surveillance Solution

Clare Controls announced today that it has begun shipping ClareVision, an IP video surveillance solution that provides built-in analytics, easy scalability and a wide assortment of end user control options. The ClareVision system includes a comprehensive catalog of IP cameras, encoders, NVRs and accessories required to configure a video surveillance application to a wide variety of residential and commercial applications.

The “brain” of the system resides in its video analytics, which are embedded in every ClareVision camera and encoder. These intelligent algorithms, originally developed for real-time analysis of surveillance video in government/military installations, support applications as simple or as complex as the user desires. Standard analytics allow the system to disregard non-events that could trigger false alerts in traditional systems. Optional advanced analytics enable more sophisticated thresholds to be set, identifying motion paths, the presence or absence of objects in a given frame and the creation of virtual zones. Analytics extract actionable intelligence from raw video, alerting users and creating the potential to intervene in developing situations before they escalate.

ClareVision was developed specifically to capture the emerging convergence of price and performance in video surveillance. Systems incorporating IP (digital) video cameras are becoming increasingly affordable, especially when the economy of installation is factored in. Simultaneously, the performance of such systems, with attributes ranging from superior video quality to vastly improved accessibility, easier storage and the availability of video analytics, is soaring. As a result, ClareVision represents an unprecedented value, which can be deployed with equal advantage in both commercial and residential applications.

ClareVision supports several commercial opportunities. The system is commonly configured as a standalone solution, with cameras connected to an on-site network video recorder (NVR) for storage. ClareVision can also be deployed by security contractors in cloud-based VSaaS configurations, in which its cameras feed enterprise-class NVRs in remote offices. Security personnel can generate live audible warnings, informing detected intruders that they are being observed and that authorities have been notified.

ClareVision also represents a unique opportunity for intelligence and value in residential video surveillance, whether deployed as a standalone or when snapped seamlessly into ClareHome, Clare Controls’ home automation solution. Doing so enables end users to incorporate IP video into home control views that they configure and re-configure at will (without dealer assistance), on their favorite devices. A user can, for instance, add a front door camera view to their kitchen iPad, along with lighting, temperature and audio controls.

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Clare Controls is a provider of solutions that streamline the integration, maintenance and monitoring of sophisticated home automation systems. Clare products are deployed locally in customer sites and administered remotely via cloud-based technologies that maximize dealer efficiency while providing unprecedented customer control. For more information, visit

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