Chapman Cooper and Associates Integrates MSE Audio’s SoundTube Entertainment at Driving Range

Chapman Cooper and Associates Integrates MSE Audio’s SoundTube Entertainment at Driving Range

Lenexa, Kan. – October 14, 2019 – Chapman Cooper, founder of Chapman Cooper and Associates, brings a rich history in audio through live productions and recording to distribution and sales. Chapman’s experience has led him to over 250 installation of major sound systems and over 5,000 live shows ranging from a wide variety of genres. Today, Chapman Cooper and Associates serves Southern California with award-winning design, custom installation and education.

Most recently, Chapman Cooper and Associates was selected by Lakeland Golf & Country Club in Lakewood, California to create a unique audio experience for their golfers. “Recent trends in golf courses have led many country clubs to enhance their customers’ experience by providing a higher-end entertainment factor, including the addition of audio through quality ambient, quiet music on the driving range,” said Chapman Cooper, founder of Chapman Cooper and Associates. “We were selected to provide audio for this particular venue located in a highly affluent neighborhood. The installation included a structure where golfers would tee-off and we were enlisted to provide a non-invasive, aesthetically pleasing audio experience.”

Chapman Cooper and Associates has a long-standing relationship with California-based manufacturer representative Alliance Audio Visual Group, which initially sparked Chapman Cooper and Associates’ introduction to MSE Audio’s SoundTube Entertainment. “Phil Johnson of Alliance Audio and Visual was raving about the design quality, audio innovation and competitive pricing of SoundTube Entertainment,” noted Cooper. “I met with Phil and experienced a demo, which immediately impressed me, and we knew that our installation at the driving range would be the ideal application for a product of this nature.”

The newly-remodeled driving range was designed in the shape of an arc, which required the product and installation to provide full-audio dispersion, both vertical and horizontal. “The driving range had a geometric feature that required everything to be aligned perfectly. Initially, we were concerned about the dispersion because of the arc-design in the driving range. Then, we had to factor in that the client wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing with wiring locations already in place, and it became imperative to us to find a solution that wasn’t custom, but instead find a product that was robust enough to fit seamlessly within this installation.”

Chapman Cooper and Associates selected MSE Audio’s SoundTube Entertainment IPD Speaker, featuring Dante-enabled functionality. The IPD Speakers provided reliable, high-quality audio while blending into the original aesthetics of the driving range. “We were immediately impressed with the dispersion of the IPD Speakers,” said Cooper. “Many manufacturers provide speakers that provide full-range audio dispersion at any angle but the SoundTube Entertainment IPD Speakers truly live up to their promises and perform flawlessly. The IPD Speakers covered every space and beyond a single beam. Additionally, we placed a few speakers around the clubhouse and different locations on the course with audio carrying over the space seamlessly.”

“I’ve utilized a number of speakers for similar applications to this,” stated Cooper. “Some speakers are exceptional for music, others are designed for paging, but I haven’t found a speaker that’s exceptional at everything and I found that with SoundTube Entertainment. The IPD Speakers provide a high-fidelity audio experience for programmed music and vocals.”

Lakeland Golf and Country Club had set high standards for the installation with the goal of providing their customers with an immersive audio capability that enhanced their golfing experience. “Aesthetics and quality standards were set very high by our client,” noted Cooper. “We exceeded their standards with SoundTube Entertainment and our client couldn’t be happier. Everyone involved in the installation, from the owner and boss of the course to the executive that championed the cause, are extremely satisfied with the final installation. Alliance Audio and Visual was extremely helpful in facilitating anything that I needed with MSE Audio. And, MSE Audio went above and beyond the call of duty to make this a very successful installation for us at Chapman Cooper and Associates.”

“Chapman Cooper and Associates is well-known for their experience in audio installation and it was an honor for our SoundTube Entertainment line to be selected by Chapman for this particular installation,” said Michael Sipe, Vice President of Sales for MSE Audio. “SoundTube Entertainment’s IPD Speakers are designed to provide reliable, full-range audio for a vast range of applications, including outdoor installations such as driving ranges. We’re thrilled with the positive feedback and look forward to working with Chapman Cooper and Associates and our partners at Alliance Audio Video Group again.”

SoundTube’s IPD Speakers are Dante-enabled and incorporate BroadBeam Ring™ high-frequency dispersion technology for clear, understandable messaging and music over a wide area, even off-axis from the speakers. Applications for Dante-enabled, pendant speakers include any facility with high or open ceilings, such as houses of worship, schools, hotels, meeting spaces, bars and restaurants. The full suite of SoundTube Entertainment Dante-enabled IP speakers can be found online at

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