Who We Are

Since our inception in 1997, we have worked in the CEDIA technology industry to propel our clients’ brands and products to increased visibility and profitability.

What We Do

We specialize in working with a range of CEDIA smart home products, consumer electronics, custom installation companies, start-up tech companies and home tech manufacturers who make audio, video and control systems products. By working, living and breathing CEDIA technology, it allows us to fully understand our clients’ product offerings and positioning in the CEDIA market and appropriate vertical thus providing results.

Our Services to CEDIA partners

Some of Our CEDIA Clients Over Two Decades

  • AVAD
  • RoseWater Energy
  • Future Ready Solutions
  • MSE Audio – Phase Technology and Rockustics
  • beyerdynamic
  • AudioControl
  • BlueDog Group
  • Jetbuilt
  • Simply Reliable
  • Bedrock Learning
  • Pro Video Instruments
  • Niles Audio
  • KEF America
  • DSG Distributors
  • Velodyne
  • Metra Home Theater Group
  • Why Reboot

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