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Tech Marketing Veteran Publishes Advice Book

‘Ultra Hi Def Marketing: 5-Step Guide to World Domination in the Tech Industry’ Now Available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble By RF Staff Marketing Matters, a strategic integrated public relations, marketing, and advertising agency specializing in consumer electronics, custom installation, technology, start-ups, and high-end home goods, has announced that its company president’s debut book,

Tech Marketing Veteran Publishes Advice Book

In her book, author Coleen Sterns Leith says that one of the biggest challenges technology firms face is that they spend millions of dollars to create jaw-dropping, life-changing, technology marvels but face a huge disconnect in marketing their technology features for the benefit of the consumer. The book can be purchased here: The original

My Top 10 Rules of Twitter Etiquette

By Coleen Sterns I believe we all have an obligation to give back. That’s why I’m involved with both the CEDIA Professional Services Action Team and CEA’s Home Audio Division Board. When helping these organizations, naturally I migrate to the marketing and promotional tasks. It’s no surprise that both groups are using social media as

Outsourcing Vital Business Services

CEDIA’s Professional Services program offers outsourced services for marketing, web design, public relations, accounting and more. By Coleen Sterns Back in Little League, the best ball players tended to be the best all-around athletes. But as players advance, they become more specialized. And when they hit the Major Leagues, even though everyone is a capable

It’s All About Experience

Using Events to Grow Your Business By Coleen Sterns There’s no question that custom installation is rapidly expanding. And as quickly as new home technology emerges, evolutions are occurring in the way firms carve out a competitive edge for building a greater profit margin. In order to stay ahead in the rapidly changing custom installation

Highlights from the EH Expo Marketing Boot Camp

By Coleen Sterns Basic training is required for success in any discipline, and marketing is no exception. At the Spring Electronic Home (EH) Expo Spring in Orlando, dealers had the opportunity to learn how to successfully market their installation businesses from some of the industry’s leading experts. The instructors included Joseph Piccirilli, managing director of

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