Boca Theater: Four Years with the Hub

Boca Theater: Four Years with the Hub

Jeff Galea is the CEO and founder of Boca Theater and Automation, Inc. (BTA), in Boca Raton, Florida. “We are painfully aware of the issues South Florida deals with regarding power quality, so when I learned of the Hub’s existence, I was the first to sign up!” said Galea.

Galea installed one of the first Hubs in his showroom in 2015. “When I set out to build BTA’s Design Center, I was determined to create an infrastructure capable of supporting sensitive electronic devices that would not suffer from the usual power issues that inevitably plague important demonstrations turning them into excuses and reboots. Not only do we host our own on-premise data center and require reliable electronic systems for our staff, but we build customer systems on-site and are responsible for them while they are in our possession.  With all the events I was planning to host along with daily operations, I simply could not risk a repeat of what we experienced in our previous leased facilities.  I was designing for the long game, and I was willing to make an investment that would serve us well into the future”.   

“I saw the HUB as the first product in an important and cutting-edge category capable of solving critical problems for my company, new clients, and existing clients. It provides 100% clean power on a large scale. I knew my clients were struggling with power issues and there was no other solution even close to RoseWater in terms of surge protection and clean power delivery with zero transfer time, let alone the ability to integrate a renewable energy source.”

Galea designed his state-of-the-art facility for both critical and non-critical loads with RoseWater power delivered to color coded “clean power” outlets.  He was looking to:

  • Eliminate power quality issues in his new facility on day-one
  • Provide battery backup to critical loads
  • Integrate solar energy capable of powering all critical loads both for energy savings and long-term grid outages

“The frequency of semi-brief power outages in South Florida made it imperative that we design protections into our infrastructure from day-one. I desperately needed a large-scale system that would support our mission critical operation – ideally one which was scalable, supportable, and ultimately repeatable. Having a background in Electrical Engineering, I naturally researched the idea of building and delivering large scale power conditioning and UPS capabilities to my operation and ultimately to my client base.  I spent a fair amount of time researching and designing a system large enough to handle my needs, but I didn’t feel it would be scalable or repeatable without a huge investment, even if I compromised on renewables. In the end I came to the conclusion that this was a product category that needed a huge amount of resources and continuing R&D to address growing market demand in South Florida and the rest of the U.S., let alone marine and island-based regions.” 

“After sharing my discoveries with Joe Piccirilli, an extremely knowledgeable industry colleague, we came up with a plan to integrate his visionary RoseWater HUB into my facility such that BTA would be an R&D test bed for this important product.  Joe understood the power issues and the large-scale production problems really well, and he brought a team of highly capable engineers to my facility to guarantee success.”

RoseWater Residential Energy Hub – Four Years In

Galea said, “Everything just works. The Hub gives our customers and our company a sense of preparedness and security during electrical storms and sunny days alike.” Since Galea hosts many events at his facility, he says he does not have to worry about glitches that would occur in front of customers. He added that unexpected issues do not happen with the Hub.

As a professional in the field of A/V, Galea believes the top three requirements for a successful project are to appropriately manage:

  • Heat
  • Power
  • Terminations

“If these three critical components are addressed at the very beginning of a project, then random issues and early failures will simply not be a problem. While there are solid solutions available to mitigate heat buildup and provide validated and certified terminations, delivering clean power is not so easy.  Many times, the power conditioner, power strip, or rack mounted UPS are the single point of failure.” 

“We all know that A/V never sleeps and that issues are generally reported during high-use periods such as evenings, weekends, holidays, and during parties. This means that issues tend to come up at the least comfortable time for both clients and staff and are typically critical in nature. While heat build-up and termination issues are generally solved up front and work well for long periods of time, power issues are random and no amount of preparation can fully eliminate them…until now that is!” 

CE Pro Best Project Award

Boca Theater & Automation just won a CE Pro Best Project Award for a job in which they used the RoseWater Hub.

Since Galea believes that “the three cornerstones of any successful project in South Florida include clean power, proper management of heat, and ANSI/TIA-certified copper and fiber terminations,” the RoseWater Hub was just what the doctor ordered.

This winning entry created a flexible and fault-tolerant main equipment closet (MEC) to service a 20,000 square-foot home, a mission critical business, and a world-class home theater.

On RoseWater’s Service

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Galea has worked with the people at RoseWater for so many years that he knows just about everyone on the team. Very few maintenance matters have come up, and those that did were urgently resolved by the RoseWater team.

“I enjoy talking to the RoseWater team about new projects.  Our team at Boca Theater and Automation feel as if RoseWater is a part of our home team. I really compliment RoseWater’s engineering team. They are responsive, dependable, and thoughtful. I couldn’t ask more from a partner,” Galea added.

The Installation Process

The main thing Galea had to say about RoseWater Hub’s installation tactics was that the preparation was excellent. He said he designed the new building’s power distribution i

infrastructure and where its location would be. RoseWater sent a floor template so he could work out the precise areas and pre-drill necessary holes. 

When the RoseWater deployment team arrived, they found there was a glitch in the way the unit was to get into the building. The team rescheduled for the next day and handled all the logistics. The rest of the installation went like clockwork. Galea said it was “like watching a NASA control room scene.” The unit, by the way, continues to power the facility to this day.

“What I expected from the Hub was simple and carefree reliability. That’s what I have and now that I have lived with it for years, I can’t imagine life without it.”

RoseWater Energy

At RoseWater Energy, we like to say that “the next generation of energy is upon us.”

High-performance electronics are now features in many modern residences. Each home feature requires microprocessors and memory chips. Microprocessors require high-quality, consistent, and reliable power. In today’s world, energy remains in great demand. But this is also the era of aging infrastructure and renewable integration. Power quality is getting worse.

Our theory for fixing these problems is a commitment to producing the best products to improve the quality and reliability of electrical power now. Our goal is to facilitate the most efficient and reliable use of all power sources as we move into the future. There was a day when generators were the best way to ensure that families had electricity in their homes or businesses, despite adverse weather conditions. Today, even a second of losing power could be too long for sensitive systems to tolerate. One small blip in the flow of electricity can mean losing information, damaging equipment, and other problems that come with what is an accidental reboot.

The number of issues, like connection blips, are numerous. Finding answers for solving this type of interruption, and other energy and A/V disturbances, are top on the list of priorities for companies like ours. We continuously research and develop in this arena.

If you have questions regarding the RoseWater Energy Management and Storage System, we have an outstanding video to bring you up-to-date concerning our Energy Hub. RoseWater’s Hub system is considered by many to be the most intelligent residential energy solution in today’s market. Our product offers a seamless, cost-effective, and total system integration solution. By using a dual inverter system with solar input that combines power conditioning back up and renewable energy management, makes all the difference. And, it’s all in one-single pre-assembled, configured, and integrated platform.

You could say that RoseWater Energy is transforming the electrical system that is currently in place, into a self-sustaining microgrid.

Contact us now and let us give you the information you need to make an educated and enlightened decision for your enterprise.

To learn more about the power of clean power, connect with RoseWater Energy Group on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest news. For more information on the HUB and RoseWater Energy, please visit

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About RoseWater Energy Group
RoseWater Energy Group creates innovative and intelligent energy management systems for governments, utilities, industries, and residential consumers. Focused on the mission to create the next generation of renewable smart grid systems leveraging the best battery storage technologies, RoseWater works with their clients to design, build, integrate and manage power system assets specific to their needs. The Residential Energy Management Hub is the first and only power management product to be featured within a micro-grid in the head office of a major utility company. For more details visit

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