Best Practices for High Converting Landing Pages in the AV Industry

Best Practices for High Converting Landing Pages in the AV Industry

Landing pages are an essential component of most digital marketing strategies in the AV industry. It’s the place where visitors land on your website after they click on an ad, where reciprocal relationships start, with the potential customer declaring their interest in learning more about your company’s products and services.

Filling out a form on a landing page facilitates ongoing communication and allows you to intentionally move a prospect closer to a customer through email or other communication channels.

How well-crafted and effective your landing page is can mark the difference between a successful campaign and a flop. What can you do to ensure that visitors convert on your landing page? Here are our best recommendations:

Landing Pages That Convert in the AV Industry

Establish a strong CTA

The Call to Action (CTA) is a small phrase or button that prompts people to take the action you intend them to. Thus, the first step is determining that one particular action you want this landing page to deliver. Do you want visitors to register for an offer? Sign up to receive your emails? After you know what your end goal is for a landing page, make sure to communicate your CTA above the fold (this is the first view visitors see of the webpage, before they scroll).

We know it’s tempting to go down the route of trying to use this space to communicate everything and anything for any given interest, but this is not the place. By expecting a landing page to be a catch-all for any possible offer and/or message, you will only dilute the attention and effectiveness of your efforts. Have multiple offers or messages? Create different landing pages and drive traffic to each one with a targeted campaign. A strong landing page is meant to drive one, very specific action: you only get one CTA per page.

What’s your value proposition?

Your value proposition is a short message that sells your audience on the value of your product or service. Think of your key differentiator, what makes your customers purchase your product vs. the competition, and communicate that in your landing page.

Remember this: People will only take action in your landing page if they understand and want the benefit you are offering.

What are you offering?

Now that you know what action you want landing page visitors to take, you need to work on what will drive them to take that action. You will enjoy much better success if you entice them with something. Is a whitepaper with tips and trends relevant to their business? Or a discount on their next order? People typically won’t offer their information these days without getting something in return.

Keep it simple

We’re bombarded with marketing messages every day. Generally, people don’t have the drive to decipher complex landing pages. A good rule of thumb is to eliminate everything that could distract from the action you are seeking. This includes the website menu, links, pop-ups, too many images, or design elements.

Simplicity is your best friend, especially when it comes to the form. We know you might be tempted to request as much information as possible on a form, but trust us, people don’t want to spend more than a few seconds filling out a form. Think of what is the absolutely essential information you need to get in touch with that person, usually first name and email will be more than enough.

Make sure to also keep your copy simple, straightforward, and to the point. State the benefits clearly, but don’t try to oversell with gimmicky stock photos, cheesy banners, or too many exclamation marks!!!!!

To sum it up, a good landing page will allow visitors to understand what you’re offering, why it’s beneficial for them, and allow them the opportunity to request more information in a minute or less.

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