A Video for Every Business Need – Part 1

A Video for Every Business Need – Part 1

In our last blog post, we talked about the new king of content: Video. We shared an overview of the different styles of product video that you could consider. In this post, we delve in deeper with a few specific types of videos that will promote your business and support your customer in every phase.

Corporate Videos

A good corporate video provides a glimpse into your world. It tells your business’ story and the value you offer your ecosystem.

It doesn’t need to be a straightforward “This is my company, we’ve been in business since 1987 and this is what we offer” type of deal. With a good video production company on your side, you can use the power of storytelling to create a superb piece of content that your audience will gladly consume.

Corporate videos are a great promotional tool for your website, client presentations, social media or trade shows and events (even online ones like webinars!).

Unboxing Videos

A crazy fad stirred up the parenting world a few years ago. Young kids were flocking to YouTube to watch other children open presents. Parents were bewildered by the power of this simple act. Fast forward a few years and most of us are consuming some sort of unboxing video.

The power of unboxing videos relies on the element of surprise and the delight of receiving a gift. It’s the “Christmas present opening experience” on a larger scale, served up online and available to you 24/7.

To make the most out of unboxing videos, you can invite an industry influencer to star in your video. Film the video in the habitat where the product will be used (for example, beauty and fashion boxes are usually open in the influencer’s home) or in a studio-type setting if the natural setting isn’t visually appealing.

Tutorial Videos

Similar to unboxing videos, there’s a strange fascination with watching videos of others using products or troubleshooting issues. Tutorials have long been used in tons of industries, from video games to home improvement.

If the product or process takes place in a screen (like video games, software or others), you’ll want to use screen recording software. Make sure to write down all the steps in the process, but don’t worry about making it perfect; the beauty of these videos is how personable they can be.

Tutorial videos are also SEO gold, pushing your content up the search ranking ladder, especially if you’re demonstrating how to solve a common issue, such as how to set up something, replace a part or anything that users can solve on their own instead of spending money on a professional.

Stay tuned for our next blog post! We’ll be sharing even more types of videos you can use for your business.

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