A Content Management and Control System for H.264 Codecs

A Content Management and Control System for H.264 Codecs

Alameda, CA – May 6, 2014 – At InfoComm 2014, Booth # C8320, RGB Spectrum will be showcasing its new content management and control system for DSx 264 codec recordings. The DSx CMCS is a powerful, enterprise-level system for media management that provides users with integrated control of multiple DSx codecs and a centralized location to store codec recordings.

DSx 264 codecs utilize advanced H.264 compression technology to provide a best-in-class combination of superior streaming and recording quality and high-performance capabilities. With generous storage and streamlined media management tools, the DSx CMCS provides a convenient way to organize and catalogue codec recordings for easy retrieval and replay.

The DSx CMCS system consists of two components: a DSx Control Station and a DSx server. The DSx Control Station enables users to control multiple DSx systems and manage recordings from each of these units. The Control Station ships pre-installed with three software applications.

DSx Multi-Channel Manager (MCM) is a proprietary software package that allows a single operator to control up to 30 DSx codec units concurrently from a single control panel.

Daminion Software’s Stand Alone Pro media management application provides a streamlined method of organizing, accessing, and retrieving stored recordings. The software creates proxy thumbnail images of recordings which users can catalog and organize. Users can browse or use specific parameters to search through recorded files to locate and replay a desired DSx recording.

The third application, VLC Media Player, is a conventional software decoder that allows users to retrieve and replay DSx recordings from multiple local and remote locations. VLC Media Player enables users with authorized access to the DSx Storage Server to replay recordings from their own workstations. This allows multiple users to share access to the centrally stored recordings.

The DSx Storage Server is a network attached storage (NAS) device that houses the recording database and enables the retrieval/replay of selected codec recordings. It is available in three high capacity configurations, 3.6TB, 10TB and 14TB, which offer up to 5800 hours of recording storage capacity. Each DSx codec connected to the system is assigned an independent folder on the DSx Storage Server, and the recordings it generates are organized within this folder.

RGB Spectrum’s new DSx CMCS enhances the capabilities of its DSx codec systems by providing an integrated solution for enterprise-level DSx recording storage and content management that is both powerful and easy to use.

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