5 Ways to Quickly Pivot Your AV Business Marketing

5 Ways to Quickly Pivot Your AV Business Marketing

Ever since COVID-19 drastically changed the way companies have to do business, marketing strategies have changed, too. The AV industry wasn’t immune to the effects of the pandemic, either. Luckily, many clients continue to need the support of your business; residential customers want to build home theaters and have outdoor audio. Large essential businesses still need audiovisual services.

You may have lost a segment of your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make up for it in other areas – this is where marketing comes into play. We have five tips up our sleeves that can help you turn idle time into money-making marketing!

Use What You Have, Better

Businesses have converted to doing the lion’s share of their business online; this means that a website and storefront are absolute necessities. If you have a website that is slow, difficult to navigate, or cluttered with too much information, you’ll want to address it right away. If you haven’t already given your website a makeover since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s time to run a performance check and review your content. Make sure your site is mobile friendly as most views are on those devices.

Your brand also may have other content that can be leveraged for other uses. If you have long-form blog posts, consider converting them into webinars. If your AV business sells and services complicated technology, create some how-to or installation videos; this will bring clients back to your website and social media outlets, again and again, increasing your website’s integrity and social media reach.

Meet Your Customers’ Needs

While this might seem like an obvious direction, it’s incredibly important to your AV business marketing. To stay relevant and profitable, a business must always be a step ahead of its customers. By predicting what they want and need from your company, you can be prepared for anything. Keep up to date with surveys; maybe even reach out to your current clients and those on your contact list – ask them what they need from an AV business. Tailor your AV industry marketing to fit these needs!

Leverage Search Engines

Aside from word-of-mouth and advertising, you’re relying on your AV business to turn up in potential customers’ search results, right? It makes sense, then, that a good portion of your focus should be on search engine optimization (SEO).

Remember to keep in mind what your customer wants. This is exactly what they’ll be searching for and what you should optimize on your website.

Be careful not to go overboard, though. Search engines know when you overuse a keyword; use your knowledge of the field to provide your clients with enough information to get them excited about your brand, and don’t neglect your blog.

Consider Your Community’s Needs

Many people underestimate the raw power that positive press has within the scope of marketing. By generating positive buzz around your brand name, services, or products, you are bringing your brand to people’s minds. Think about ways you can contribute to your community; the goal for this marketing strategy is twofold. First, you want to do something truly helpful and positive for your community. However, while anonymity is admirable, it won’t route back to your brand. Find a gentle way to connect your brand with the positive buzz you’ve created.

Ask for Help

Not everyone has the time to research keywords, trial search engine results, run marketing campaigns, and repeat it all when the client’s needs shift. If you need help to get the job done right, don’t hesitate to hire an AV industry marketing agency such as Marketing Matters; in addition to knowing marketing strategies inside and out, we’re always up-to-date on what your ideal customer wants from you or how to reach new vertical markets.

Take your marketing to the next level with these five tips, and remember that it’s not always possible for you to handle everything on your own. Know when it’s time to share some of your workload with someone else!

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