Bedrock Learning and ESPA Announce Partnership

Bedrock Learning and ESPA Announce Partnership

Holland, MI March 7, 2018 – Bedrock Learning and ESPA, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance, have partnered to bring Bedrock’s FEST, Fundamentals for Electronic Systems Technicians, online course available and affordable to schools and individuals pursuing ESPA’s Certified EST credential.

“The electronic systems industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for qualified entry-level technicians has never been higher. Bedrock’s FEST online course provides a self-study option for individuals who don’t have an ESPA Authorized Training Partner nearby. It can also enhance the classroom experience for those who are enrolled in a formal program, freeing up valuable face-to-face instruction time for hands-on learning and advanced instruction.

“An electronic systems workforce is in demand, trained technicians are scarce, and ESPA certification helps ease this shortage. Bedrock’s FEST online course covers all the topics on the C-EST exam, and even more.  Students learn the essentials, develop skill sets, and are prepared to earn the ESPA credential” said Jeff Gardner, ESPA Executive Director.  We are always looking for ways to help our schools prepare their students and the FEST online course does just that, giving more time for valuable hands-on learning” said Jeff Gardner, Executive Director of ESPA.

Helen Heneveld, President of Bedrock Learning, shared “It’s great to see schools embracing ESPA certification. As one of ESPA’s subject matter experts having helped define the necessary skills and knowledge for the industry, I am excited to come full-circle and support ESPA. The FEST online course lays a solid foundation in an interactive and fast-paced method, preparing students for hands-on work in the classroom and field.”

The FEST online course empowers students with the knowledge they need:

  • Electrical Basics
  • Hand Tools, Power Tools, and Testing Tools
  • Construction Methods and Materials
  • Wiring and Installation Practices
  • Standards, Codes, and Safety Practices

Thanks to this partnership between two recognized authorities in the industry, schools and student now have an abundance of resources, not only for the ESPA C-EST exam, but also to further their careers with technologies taught in other Bedrock Learning online courses. Topics include the connected home industry overview, computer networking, multi-room audio, home theater, lighting, security, access control, along with selling skills and project management.


About ESPA®

The Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA) was created to establish an industry-recognized certification for entry level Electronic Systems Technicians (ESTs). They work primarily with career centers and tech schools to help students develop the skillset and credentials they need to successfully start a career in the electronic systems workforce through training, testing, and certification. ESPA also provides a direct connection to potential employers who are members of its founding and industry partner associations. Visit for more information.


About Bedrock Learning.

Bedrock Learning solves training needs with online curriculum for the connected home industry. Developed by industry experts, Bedrock’s 70+ hours of online instruction deliver the technology principles behind the products and verify knowledge with testing. For 15 years, companies have come to rely on Bedrock Learning for training their teams, as well as custom course development, because of Bedrock’s ability to help drive business performance. visit to learn more.

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